The Concept

Shalee Global was formed with the idea of helping students from around the world (more specifically Global South) identify global educational pathways in Global North through which they can achieve their personal and professional growth objectives and at the same time bring about long lasting positive change for their families countries and the world at large. As active proponents of global mobility for youngsters through study abroad opportunities, Shalee Global is on a mission to connect youth with global education providers. We help youngsters find the right educational pathway for their future global success and help global educational institutions reach out to the right student cohort that they are looking to recruit.

Hey there, I’m Hassan Shariq

Shalee Global is the brainchild of Hassan Shariq, who is a seasoned international student recruiter, immigration counsel, and higher education professional. Hassan was born and raised in Pakistan, and moved to Australia as an international student himself. While studying at Macquarie university in Sydney he gained exposure to various cultures, some of which were completely alien to him. He then worked in various roles in marketing, sales, project management before he started his career as an international student recruiter with Navitas, rest is history! Hassan then worked for Navitas colleges, Deakin University, and York University where he has counselled and recruited students from countries across middle east, South Asia, South east asia.

It is this experience and exposure to the world of student admission counselling that led Hassan to start a service that will help students find educational institutions that are a right fit for their personal and professional  goals. Hassan believes that his experience first as an international student, then a university recruiter for over a decade, and an immigration lawyer for five years now, places him in a great position to counsel and guide aspirants of global education in a way that they are able to find the right pathway for their global success. 

Hassan is licensed as a “Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant” and is an “ICEF Trained Agent”. He loves travelling around the world, loves to play and watch cricket and football. He is currently based in Canada with his wife and two young sons. 

The Company

Shalee Global has three offices, one in Mississauga (Canada), one in Lahore (Pakistan), and a corporate office in Dubai (UAE). At present the team comprises counselling staff in Canada and Pakistan and some support staff working remotely from various parts of the world. The counselling staff at Shalee Global are all trained and experienced counselors who have had first hand experience of studying abroad or working with students in counselling roles.